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The British Soldiers Fund provides support and lifetime aid for serving and veteran British and American soldiers and their families.  We promote awareness of the needs and challenges our soldiers and their families face and raise funds to provide direct financial support.  We assist the wounded, the elderly, the unemployed, families, children, and those dealing with the psychological effects of war.

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Remembering with solemn gratitude those military personnel who gave their lives for freedom... We shall never forget.



"Side by Side"  Dean J. Baer

"Side by Side"

Dean J. Baer


"Beyond the strategic relationship, so many of us from both nations have fought literally side by side, that this modern relationship between the US and UK military means a great deal to us. It has a depth and an emotion to it that is profound."

Major General Phil Jones, MBE

Former Military Attache, British Defence Staff

British Embassy, Washington D.C.